Are you struggling with anxiety and/or panic attacks? Have you been trying to lose your addiction(s) for years? Does it sometimes seem like a real warzone inside your head? Are you trying to be happy but you just can't seem to find the happiness you're searching for? For years I would answer these questions with an automatic 'YES' (see Faber's Story). It's very common to think that 'When I'm no longer afraid then I will be happy..' or 'When she/he wants to have a relationship with me then I will be happy..' or 'When I have enough money to travel the world then I will be happy..'. No matter which conditions we place upon our happiness, at some point many of us realize that our happiness is not found somewhere outside of us. 


The same is true for our feelings of anxiety or any other 'problems' we think we need to fix or get rid of. As we are trying to fix our so called 'problems', they only seem to get worse. On top of that, our attempts to fix ourselves and/or our 'problems' are really exhausting. Sometimes, within an hour of waking up, I would feel so tired of all my thinking that I just wanted to go back to my bed again. 


This all happens because we are living in a misunderstanding about how we as human beings function. We don't know that deep down we have always been okay, that we actually have something as an 'innate mental health', a natural sense of well-being which is ever present. Once we get to see this for ourselves, our lives transform without any effort needed. Now it's only up to me to point you in the right direction..


'If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.' 

-Syd Banks-