Faber is helping me by gently reminding me that simply because I have a thought, it does not mean that that thought is necessarily true. He is helping me to observe the thoughts, observe the stories that come out of those thoughts, and allowing myself to get back to the present, where I feel more connected to feelings of love, energy and connection. I deeply appreciate the sessions and the impact it has on me.

-Robin Breed (The Netherlands)-

When I asked Faber to coach me, I wasn't having much faith because I felt like I had tried everything already to get rid of my anxiety. In the beginning of our conversations I was having doubts but after talking to him for a couple of times it helped me tremendously. More than I had ever expected, so thanks Faber!

-Anonymous (The Netherlands)-

My sessions with Faber have been very helpful and insightful. Faber did a great job in comforting me during the initial stages and then naturally steered the conversation towards the really important topics. He enabled me to tell my story and showed he is an adept listener by asking the right questions at the right time. Thanks to him I have new insights into how the mind works and how to deal with feelings as anxiety and excessive worrying. I am very grateful to Faber and would recommend him to anyone who has trouble dealing with a wide range of psychological issues such as stress, panic attacks and depression. Faber his expertise can be of great help on your way to the happy and worry-free life you deserve.

-Alan Rijnders (The Netherlands)-

My name is Clément, I am 25 and living in Paris. I was having questions about my personal life, and I had several calls with Faber. Every call was longer than the agreed time and the last one lasted for 2 hours. What I liked the most about our exchanges is that it felt really natural, and the way Faber and I were exploring my issues while he also shared his personal experiences was really helpful. It was resourceful and I feel much better because he gave me the opportunity to aim for a particular outcome that I was thinking about in a healthy way. I highly recommend his skills!

-Clément Blua (France)-