Faber de Groot

Faber's Story


Hi, my name is Faber de Groot.


For more than 7 years I've been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis. Several psychologists learned me over the years how to live with my new 'illness' and decrease the symptoms.


After about 4 years of having an ongoing fight in my head, I had enough and so I started my search to heal myself (read: fix myself). I literally tried everything, from NLP to hypnotherapy, CBT, EFT, havening, meditation, yoga, affirmations or feel the fear and do it anyway. The more I tried, the more I developed a sense of locking myself up in my own prison of thoughts.


At some point, after 3 years of intensive searching (of which 1 year while travelling), I felt like giving up. I simply couldn't do it anymore, and my hope to find a solution had slowly faded away. But in the days of giving up I miraculously stumbled upon a book called The Inside-Out Revolution from Michael Neill. Through this book I got introduced to 'The Three Principles', an understanding about life that changed everything for me.


Although my anxiety didn't just vanish after reading the book, I had a certain feeling that this was what I had been searching for all along. Some months later, after seeing more into the nature of life (the nature of us: human beings), I feel more free and happy than I had ever held possible. Because of what I experience(d) for myself, I want to show people that we all have wings, we have just forgotten how to fly. 

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